Homes Listed with Professional Real Estate Photos Sell Quicker and For More Money. This Is Why.

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First impressions are everything, especially in home buying. A gorgeous exterior vs. a crummy one decides whether you walk in the front door. Inside, spotless interiors are more likely to inspire a life there than a cluttered house that’s clearly, well, someone else’s home. And while this is where staging can play a huge role , it’s the listing pictures … Read More

5 DIY Ways to Increase Curb Appeal and Attract Buyers on a Budget

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Landscaping, lighting, power washing and more–9 curb appeal ideas from HGTV’s Chip Wade.   With its crisp air and lovely weather, spring is the optimal time to list your home . Assuming it’s primed and ready to be introduced to the public, that is. In life and in home tours, first impressions are everything . Just as we embrace spring … Read More

7 Simple Tips for Staging Your Home While Living There Too

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Trying to sell your home while still residing there poses some unique challenges. Here are seven quick tips to help you keep your home staged for potential buyers and still comfortable for your family. 1. Ditch Your Clutter Before listing your home on the market, go through all of your belongings and keep only the most valuable. Less clutter will … Read More

How to Stage Your Home for Fall Showings

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Staging a home is like vacuuming before company arrives: You might not notice it when it’s done well, but you definitely notice when it isn’t. Fall’s biggest buyers are millennials with a sharp eye for detail and empty nesters looking to have some space to themselves, so it makes even more sense to set your home up to show well to … Read More

Staging Strategy: 5 Reasons Every Room Needs a Clear Purpose

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By Lori Livers When staging a house for sale, it’s crucial to consider every space with the buyer’s perspective in mind. Once you’ve accomplished the five basic staging steps , make sure every room in your house has one clear purpose. Defining how to use a room is incredibly important for buyers because it helps them connect to a home. Here … Read More

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Why This Family Did Both

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It was their dream home: 4,300 square feet with sweeping views from Palos Verdes to Anaheim Hills. But in 2012, Steve and Yasminah Mohammad sold their Yorba Linda, CA house and bought another. “Our tendency is to move somewhere every 5 to 7 years,” Steve said. After nearly 7 years at 4123 Dapple Gray Ln , they were ready to downsize. “Financially, it didn’t make … Read More

4 DIY Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal

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Buds on branches and the chirping of birds signal the start of spring, but they also mean that the high season for real estate has arrived. If your house is on the market, then you’ve likely given some thought to staging  — that is, furnishing and accenting rooms in a way that encourages prospective buyers to picture themselves moving in. … Read More

5 No-Cost Home Staging Tips

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By Lori Livers Staging a home for sale is simply preparing a house to be sold. There are many different aspects to staging, but there is a simple foundation to all of it. Hiring a professional stager is worth the investment because they address all aspects of staging. But what if you have no staging budget? There are several steps you can take to … Read More

10 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home

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Happy May Day! May is not only a great time for spring cleaning, it’s also the best month to sell your home. Redfin listing agent Eric Tan offers the following spring cleaning tips for homeowners who want to impress potential buyers. If you don’t have time to do them all, start with the first three, which have the biggest impact. … Read More