5 Ways to Refresh Your Space

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With springtime comes a sense of renewal, and a desire to clean, organize and refresh – especially if you’re spending a lot of time at home. Get your creative gears turning, and whip your space into shape. You’ll be surprised how a few simple changes can give you a whole new outlook. View original article on Zillow.

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home (the Easy Way)

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With the cost to paint a house’s exterior averaging about $2,500 nationally, homeowners longing for a new look may be considering their DIY options. You don’t need to be particularly handy to make your home’s exterior look like new. All you need is some spare time between now and summer. You can wash your house in a day, prep it … Read More

10 Spring Cleaning Projects to Tackle This Weekend 

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Spring cleaning is all about getting our homes ready for a new season of sunshine, warmth, and time outdoors – and indoors, too! Now’s the time to wipe off the grime, clear out the cobwebs, and get those living spaces ready for the year ahead. When you put together your spring cleaning checklist this year, consider adding the following tasks, … Read More

Five Tips for Spring Lawn Prep

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Even if your lawn is made up of weeds more than actual grass, you can turn it around with some basic preventive spring maintenance. Try these five tips to get your lawn ready before the weather warms up and the grass (and weeds) leave you in the dust. Prevent weeds Proper mowing, irrigation, and feeding practices are the best possible … Read More

Get Ready to Grow: 6 Tips for Planning Your Spring Garden

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Spring fever got you dreaming of lush gardens and sunshine? Despite what you might see on TV, beautiful landscapes don’t happen overnight. Weeds will invade your beds and need to be pulled. The mulch will break down and require replacing. And your attention span will no doubt move on to shinier things long enough for your garden to fall into … Read More

10 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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Spring is the perfect time to open up the windows in your house and clean every surface inch. But don’t waste precious hours of spring sunshine while you stay in and clean. Use these 10 tips to quickly get your home spic and span. 1. Have a plan. When it comes to spring cleaning, the best approach is an organized approach. “I … Read More

5 Ways to Refresh Your Space for Spring

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With springtime comes a sense of renewal, and a desire to clean, organize and start anew. There’s nothing quite like breathing fresh air and sunshine with beautiful colors and textures all around you, both in nature and the home. Get your creative gears turning, and whip your home into shape for spring. You’ll be surprised how a few simple changes … Read More

Nature-Inspired Spring Accessories for Under $75

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Spring has arrived and it’s time to shed those winter layers — both in your wardrobe and your home. You may be feeling like those cozy throws and heavy wools that define winter home decor are a bit too much for the new season. The days are warm, the sun is bright, and everything is in bloom. Why shouldn’t your home … Read More