6 Smart Home Devices for a Healthy and Happy Pet

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As pet owners, we all face that familiar pang of guilt when leaving the house to go to work, school, or to run errands. Your pet is home alone, fending without you, waiting for your return. Until recently, there was no way to periodically check-in, or confirm your pet’s safety throughout the day. Instead, pet parents were left to wait, … Read More

Lasagna Gardening: A Backyard Guide for Beginners

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Looking to cook up your own lasagna garden? Okay, maybe there’s no cooking involved (at least not until harvest time), but lasagna gardening has become an increasingly popular no-till, or no digging, gardening technique that uses layers of compostable materials, including kitchen scraps, cardboard, coffee grounds, as well as numerous other materials to grow vegetables. Furthermore, lasagna gardening is sustainable, … Read More

Why Insulating a Garage Should Top Your Home Improvement List

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If you’re like most homeowners, insulating a garage may not be high on your list of home improvement projects – but it should be. Adding insulation to a garage delivers a great return on investment in terms of energy savings throughout the year, and the benefits don’t stop there. A well-insulated garage can help extend the life of your vehicles, … Read More

Landscaping Trees: Choosing the Best Design for Your Yard

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Landscaping trees and shrubs provide opportunities to accentuate the beauty of your home, while also delivering several other benefits. Choosing the right tree typically involves thinking about the reasons behind your decision to include trees in your backyard design. It’s also important to consider the environmental aspects of your outdoor area while complimenting the existing size, color, and shape of … Read More

8 Ways to Detox Your Home

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There are more toxins in living spaces than you may realize. Author and expert Christine Dimmick explains how to have a healthier home. Looking to detox in 2019? There’s more to it than simply sipping green juice and bone broth. The act of cleansing is extending to the home, where cleaning is no longer a spring chore. Just look at … Read More

Pay Off Your Mortgage Early: Easy Tricks Anyone Can Use

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There are two ways to own your home. Either you can pay cash upfront or you can pay little by little, year after year. For most us, monthly mortgage payments are the most feasible option. While we continue to chip away paying off our homes, some of us may wonder how we can speed up the process. Whatever your reason … Read More

Introducing the Redfin Owner Estimate!

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New Feature Combines Machine Learning with Homeowner Input for a Smarter Home Value Estimate Today we announced Redfin Owner Estimate , a tool for homeowners to create an estimate of their home’s value that combines the best of machine learning and human insight. We created the Redfin Estimate to provide an instant answer to homeowners’ most important question: “What is … Read More

6 Steps for Preparing Your Home for Winter

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The winter months can be cruel on your home no matter where you live. Gusting winds can batter plants. A snowstorm could stress an older home’s roof. Even a few days of heavy January rain could wreak havoc on clogged gutters and downspouts. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you just want to keep your house intact this … Read More