Maximizing Space in a Small Kitchen

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Many homes come with kitchens that are less than ideal. The lighting can be terrible, the appliances old, the floors grimy … and counter space? Well, that’s a nice idea. Get the most out of the kitchen space you do have with these tips. Make room You can create extra space, even when it seems impossible. Over-the-sink covers, cutting boards and colanders help … Read More

Meet the Clutter Scale: One Pro's Secret to a More Intentional Home

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Although I have always been organized, there were two significant moments in my life that taught me how to manage clutter. The first was when I returned from a backpacking trip around the world. Having visited homes in many developing nations, I no longer wanted to have such excess in my own home. My possessions were organized, but I had … Read More

5 Organizing Secrets Only the Pros Know

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We professional organizers have many secret tools and tips. And when our clients pay close attention and ask us questions, they obtain the magical key to unlock their clutter dilemma. But more often than not, amateur organizers often set out with the best of intentions. They see an idea in a magazine or the internet. They run to the store for organizing products … Read More

Creating a Homework Station That Gets Top Marks

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When was the last time your study station or workspace inspired you? For most people, the answer is, “Not recently.” Whether you’re setting up a spot for young scholars to study or prepping an area for your work-from-home days, you can kick inspiration into high gear with home office solutions that will get your creative juices flowing again. Window wonder … Read More

4 Tricks for Sneaking Storage Into Small Spaces

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Limited storage is often the lament of home dwellers everywhere, no matter how many square feet you’re working with. Whether it’s narrow closets or awkwardly sized cupboards, you’ve likely run into the dilemma of “What can I possibly store in this small space?” But those small spaces may not be so small after all – they may just need a … Read More

3 Design Tricks That Will Make Your Small Space Feel Big

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Got a small space in your home that you’re not sure what to do with? Or is your cramped apartment forcing you to get creative with your furniture arrangements? You’re not alone. Make your small room or living area fit your needs with clever solutions that will streamline your life and maximize your space. 1. Thoughtful paint choices Choosing the right paint … Read More

Getting and Staying Organized Through the Summer

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Sometime about now in mid-summer we begin asking ourselves, “Why do things seem to be out of control? I planned on organizing my photos , painting that cute dresser I picked up at the yard sale last fall, and waking up without an alarm clock on Fridays. None of it has happened!” View original article on Zillow.

Roommate Relations: Making Smart Use of Shared Spaces

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Renting a home with other people can be stressful. But with careful planning and clear communication, living with others doesn’t have to lead to passive-aggressive notes and arguments. Whether you live with your sibling, your bestie or your significant other, try these tips for making smart use of those shared spaces. Closets What matters most when sharing closet space is … Read More

10 Ways to Conquer Clutter and Simplify Your Life

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It’s the season of fresh starts, which means it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home organization strategy. Spoiler: It’s not as hard as you think! In fact, these stress-reducing tips will help you solve some of the most common home organization woes – simply and with minimal effort. 1. “I can’t find it!” Cutting clutter is an obvious starting … Read More