9 Tips for Selling Your Home During Coronavirus

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The coronavirus has affected so many aspects of our lives – from how we work to how we exercise, communicate, and so much more. It has also affected the housing market and how we now buy and sell homes. If you’re thinking about listing your home you may be wondering what you can do to attract homebuyers during this unprecedented … Read More

Home Maintenance: 11 Things You Should Address Immediately

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Your home is your sanctuary and maintaining it is paramount, especially if you ever plan on selling your home in the future you’ll be sure to want top dollar for it. Beyond sweeping floors and mowing your yard, some home maintenance tasks require more immediate attention and if left unchecked can cause significant damage to your home. Here are 11 … Read More

15 Backyard Oasis Ideas For Your Home This Summer

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Ahhhh, summer… you’ve made it through the long, dark winter months, and now is the perfect time to spend time outdoors, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful weather. However, you may find yourself staying at home – and probably in your backyard – more these days given the current climate of what’s happening in the world. Well, if your backyard is … Read More

11 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas

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We all want visitors and families to feel welcome when they visit our homes. You also want your home’s exterior looking its best when you are getting ready to sell. Whether you are planning on staying in your home for a few more years or preparing to sell it because you want to move to Dallas, TX , these budget-friendly … Read More

8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Bar Setup 

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At home bars are becoming increasingly popular as we are all spending more time in our homes. In fact, over the last 90 days, there has been an 80% increase in Google searches for “at home bars.” Because bars and restaurants are currently closed, it seems that this may be the perfect time to start creating an entertaining bar area … Read More

8 Backyard Projects to Complete Before Summer

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As the weather becomes warmer, you may be starting a mental list of those backyard projects you’ve been wanting to get to all winter and definitely want completed before summer. It is easy to put off exterior home projects when you’re living in Portland or own a home in Philadelphia where the winter weather can be rainy and cold, but … Read More

20 Easy DIY Home Projects to Spruce up Your Space

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Is spending so much time inside making you go stir-crazy? Well with life outside seemingly on hold, this may be the perfect opportunity to make a few easy home improvements to transform your house into a nicer and more refreshed place to spend your days. From adding a pop of color to your front door to cleaning out your closet, … Read More

Make Your Home Shine With These 15 Homemade Cleaners

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With cleaning supplies dwindling down at just about any store, you might be searching for alternative ways to keep your house clean. Fortunately, you can easily create a variety of homemade cleaners with a few basic supplies you likely already have in your home.  So, the next time you need a carpet stain remover or you’ve run out of disinfectant … Read More

5 Ways to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in Your Home

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With each week that goes by, things are drastically changing as we try to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. Most people are working from home, businesses are creating new ways to provide for their customers, and most states are issuing stay-at-home orders. So whether you’re living in Dallas or you’re living in Miami , you’ll likely be spending most … Read More

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell While Social Distancing

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Trees and flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are jubilant with song, and you’ve noticed these things only because you’re most likely sitting at home in isolation. If you were thinking about selling your home before this whole coronavirus (COVID-19) scare happened, luckily, you still can. In fact, the current state of the US housing market shows that homebuyers still … Read More