10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

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Despite their destructive habits and overall “ick” factor, snails and slugs are anything but formidable. In fact, there are so many creative ways to repel or kill them that you might have a hard time choosing just one. Commercial snail and slug killers work, but they’re dangerous and can harm the “good” creatures in your garden. Save money with one of … Read More

How to Build Your Own Vertical Garden With Shipping Pallets

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Take your green thumb to new heights (and small spaces!) with a vertical garden. This DIY is a great way to integrate a little greenery into any space, including an apartment or small porch. Supplies: Two pallets Tarp Hammer Pry bar Gloves Safety goggles and ear protection Sanding blocks or sandpaper Paintbrush Water-based stain Water-based clear sealant Two 3 1/2-inch … Read More

5 Water Features That Will Transform Your Garden Into a Tranquil Escape

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Water features are tantalizingly beautiful. They fill the air with the music of rushes and trickles, reflect sunlight on the surrounding foliage and, in some cases, even cool you off with a gentle mist on hot days. It doesn’t take much to get the full effect. A brimming urn within view of your kitchen window becomes a glistening gemstone, beckoning … Read More

Vertical Gardening

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For apartment dwellers, full-fledged gardening is often out of the question, and floor space is usually at a premium. But if you’re hankering to bring the outdoors inside, there’s an easy solution: vertical gardens. From macrame planters to recycled pallets, you can turn plenty of household items into a vertical garden for your home. But before you start, keep two … Read More

Keeping Pets Safe Around Plants

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Gardens are wonderful places for pets. They provide entertainment, room to exercise and cool shade in the afternoon. However, many of the most common and seemingly innocuous garden plants are also poisonous to your furry friends. View original article on Zillow.

Do You Really Need to Rake?

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Bad news: It’s time to get your act together and clean up your garden before winter makes the task more difficult. But the good news is, fall garden chores don’t have to be a pain. You might find you enjoy picking up branches or raking leaves in the brisk autumn air. View original article on Zillow.

The Best Houseplants for Low-Light Spaces

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No houseplant truly prefers to live in the dark, but the bulletproof indoor plants listed below come pretty darn close. All you need to grow these gorgeous houseplants is natural light – enough to comfortably read without turning on the lights. ZZ plant Looking more like the back of a stegosaurus than an actual plant, the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) … Read More

Can Houseplants Really Clean the Air?

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Houseplants can improve your life in many ways (more on that later), but if you’re expecting that peace lily on your desk to rid your home of toxins, you’re in for a surprise. A 1989 NASA study  attempted to find new ways to clean the air in space stations. Despite some pretty neat findings, it never claimed houseplants are great … Read More

Good to Grow: Creating a Custom Gardening Workspace

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A garden shed is more than a place to stash your shovel and lawnmower – it’s a gardening workstation where you can plant and repot to your heart’s content. Of course, if you don’t have a shed, you can always improvise. Turn a corner of the garage, balcony, or patio into the next best thing by including a potting bench … Read More