Affordability is a Relative Concept—Boston Tops U.S. Migration Destinations in the Third Quarter

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Boston passed the less expensive inland metro areas that typically dominate the list of top migration destinations, but it’s still an affordable option for some. Nationally, the share of Redfin home searchers looking outside their home metro hit a new all-time record of 26 percent. Twenty-six percent of home searchers looked to move to another metro area in the … Read More

U.S. Home Sales Post Biggest Increase in More Than 2 Years in August

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Recession fears keep home-price gains in check at 3% as supply and demand shift toward sellers’ favor U.S. home-sale prices increased 2.7 percent year over year in August to a median of $312,200 across the 217 metros Redfin tracks. Home prices have been growing in a tight range between 1 and 3 percent year over year since September 2018. “Although … Read More

Home Prices Now Rising Faster in Car-Dependent Neighborhoods Than in Walkable Places as Buyers Chase Affordability

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Market trends suggest that many homebuyers are prioritizing affordability above walkability.  Home-sale prices in walkable neighborhoods across the country increased 2.3 percent year over year to a median $343,900 in July, compared to 4.3 percent annual growth to a median $312,100 for homes in car-dependent areas.  That’s according to data from Walk Score®, a Redfin company that rates the walkability … Read More

The Best Cities to Retire in Each State

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Everyone has a unique dream of retirement and choosing the right place for you is imperative. The best cities to retire in the USA are almost as diverse as each individual’s vision for their golden years. To help narrow it down, we named the best city to retire in every state Redfin operates. Rankings were determined by common factors that … Read More

Here is How Many Posts it Takes an Influencer with 1 Million Instagram Followers to Buy a Home

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Photographers, beauty bloggers, and yes, dogs can all buy a home sooner than the average person if they command a serious social following.   If Nashville-based influencer @itsdougthepug posted one sponsored post a day, every day, to his Instagram feed, he could buy a median-priced home, in cash, in about 10 days.  That’s right, a dog brings in more income … Read More

We Ranked the Most and Least Affordable Metros Based on These 4 Unexpected Costs When Moving to a New City

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From local taxes to transportation and utilities, relocating to find a cheaper address isn’t always straightforward. San Jose hits high on most, while Florida proves affordable across the board. As coastal markets like San Francisco , New York and Los Angeles have grown increasingly unaffordable, people and businesses are relocating to smaller, more affordable cities like Tampa , Providence and … Read More

Survey: More Than Half of Homebuyers and Sellers Oppose Housing Density, Only a Quarter Support It.

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African American respondents and those under age 25 were the most likely to support policies that encourage dense housing to be built in their neighborhood. Homebuyers and sellers are nearly twice as likely to oppose the building of dense housing in their neighborhood than they are to support it. Fifty-three percent of them support zoning policies that limit housing density … Read More

Race Gaps in Homeownership Rates and Home Equity Have Widened During the Decade-Long Economic Expansion

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Since the end of the Great Recession, the homeownership rate for black Americans has fallen 5 percentage points to 40.6%. And while majority-black neighborhoods have seen an average of $121,000 in home-equity gains, it’s $191,000 for majority-white neighborhoods. Black Americans haven’t benefited from the prosperous U.S. housing market as much as white Americans in the past decade’s economic expansion, during … Read More

Home Prices up 3.4 Percent in June as Supply Flattens

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The typical home sold in June went under contract in just 35 days, matching last year’s record-fast pace, as falling mortgage rates lured more buyers to the market. U.S. home-sale prices rose for the third consecutive month in June, growing 3.4 percent year over year to a median of $321,200 across the metros Redfin tracks. The growth rate of home … Read More