Landscaping Trees: Choosing the Best Design for Your Yard

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Landscaping trees and shrubs provide opportunities to accentuate the beauty of your home, while also delivering several other benefits. Choosing the right tree typically involves thinking about the reasons behind your decision to include trees in your backyard design. It’s also important to consider the environmental aspects of your outdoor area while complimenting the existing size, color, and shape of … Read More

These are the Top 10 Favorited Homes on Redfin from February

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What’s trending? Mid-century modern charmers and designer upscale finishes.   February is the shortest month of the year but users don’t need 31 days to show their love. We’re not talking about Valentine’s Day, but rather, the number of hearts users clicked to ‘favorite’ and save their top homes this month. Hearts were tapped both online and on the … Read More

Sales of New Homes Down 8% in January

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New-home sales fell year over year in all four major U.S. regions. Sales of new single-family homes fell 8 percent year over year in January, the fifth consecutive month of year-over-year declines in new-home sales. But the size of the drop was smaller than in December in all regions except the West, where sales fell by more in January than … Read More

How Many Trees Can Be Saved With Fully Digital Home Closings?

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eClosings save time and stress—and they have the potential to save more than 100,000 trees per year. Anyone who has purchased a home knows there’s a lot of paperwork to read through and sign at the closing table. But with Redfin Mortgage and Title Forward now offering fully digital closings, which allow homebuyers to close completely online, the stacks of … Read More

14 Home-Staging Tips from Redfin Concierge

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Design and staging secrets on how to update your home and attract buyers without a major investment.   With 2019’s housing market off to a modest start , sellers must seek to stand out. With more homes for sale in formerly red hot markets like Seattle, there’s less competition for buyers. Fortunate for them, but as a result, sellers must … Read More

Meet the Clutter Scale: One Pro's Secret to a More Intentional Home

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Although I have always been organized, there were two significant moments in my life that taught me how to manage clutter. The first was when I returned from a backpacking trip around the world. Having visited homes in many developing nations, I no longer wanted to have such excess in my own home. My possessions were organized, but I had … Read More

Why Do 2020 Presidential Candidates Want to Change Zoning?

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In the second in a series of blog posts examining candidates’ housing policies, Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather breaks down the zoning proposals put forward by Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang 2020 presidential candidates are advocating for changes to zoning laws as a way to combat the housing affordability crisis. Senator Cory Booker and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang … Read More

Feeling the Winter Blues? Lust After These 13 Warm Weather Homes

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If it’s below freezing where you live–or even if it’s not–these warm weather addresses are sure to raise your spirits, if not your thermostat. From a $2.25M Hollywood mansion, to a $425K desert abode, every day can feel like vacation.   Vacation is sacred time. Most Americans only get so many days each year to take one and save up all … Read More

Top Experts Answer the Most Urgent Home Security Questions

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Keeping your home safe is often a tedious yet necessary task that most homeowners must deal with if they are to protect themselves from outside intruders. Redfin sought out home security experts to answer the most pressing questions homeowners are searching for, in an effort to get you one step closer to finding the perfect solution for your home! FInd … Read More