The Truth About Toxic Mold (and How to Get Rid of It)

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Mold is everywhere. It grows on the sides of houses, it blackens surfaces like brick and concrete, and it thrives in the soil of your yard and garden. Indoors, mold lives in sink drains, shower grout, houseplant potting mix, kitchen sponges and anywhere else that moisture has a chance to settle. Are you hyperventilating yet? A little bit of mold … Read More

#298: Thriving in Multifamily Investing (Even in a Hot Market) with Michael Becker

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Interested in building giant wealth through multifamily real estate investing? Well, on today’s show, we interview someone who already has. Michael Becker is an experienced multifamily investor who’s mastered the genre and simplified the process for being successful! Michael shares what every new investor needs to know about avoiding the biggest mistakes in multifamily, how to invest no matter the … Read More

10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

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Despite their destructive habits and overall “ick” factor, snails and slugs are anything but formidable. In fact, there are so many creative ways to repel or kill them that you might have a hard time choosing just one. Commercial snail and slug killers work, but they’re dangerous and can harm the “good” creatures in your garden. Save money with one of … Read More

Introducing the Redfin Owner Estimate!

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New Feature Combines Machine Learning with Homeowner Input for a Smarter Home Value Estimate Today we announced Redfin Owner Estimate , a tool for homeowners to create an estimate of their home’s value that combines the best of machine learning and human insight. We created the Redfin Estimate to provide an instant answer to homeowners’ most important question: “What is … Read More

How to Fix Ceiling Water Stains

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A water stain on a ceiling is a foreboding sight. Not only is it ugly, but it also often means that something is actively leaking, and more damage may be hidden. But don’t panic – fixing a water stain is pretty straightforward. If you follow this simple guide, you’ll be ready to deal with any discoloration you find on your … Read More

Redfin Housing Demand Index Unchanged For Fourth Consecutive Month in August

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The Demand Index posted its largest year-over-year decline since March 2016 The Redfin Housing Demand Index has remained roughly unchanged for the past four months, inching up 0.3 percent from July to 125.2 in August, as an increase in price drops and softening demand in previously hot markets point to an environment enabling homebuyers to be more choosy. The number … Read More

What Kind of Bugs Are in Your House?

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Pests are everywhere, and having a few in your home is pretty much inevitable. But knowledge is power when it comes to critters, says Dr. Nancy Troyano, director of technical education and training at Rentokil Pest Control . When you know how to recognize and prevent an infestation, you can keep unwanted visitors at bay. The first step is learning … Read More

How to Remove Stains From an Area Rug

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If you own an area rug, just accept that it won’t remain pristine forever. Eventually someone will spill on it or a pet will relieve itself on it – and you’ll need to clean it. Instead of running out and hiring a professional carpet cleaner right away, you can try to handle that stain yourself using this short guide. Warning! … Read More

#297: Mastering the Decision-Making Process with Business (and World Series of Poker) Champion Annie Duke

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In today’s epic show, we interview World Series of Poker bracelet champion Annie Duke. Annie is a nationally sought-after speaker who combines her mastery of poker with a study of the cognitive sciences in a truly unique and brilliant way. In this show, you’ll have your mind blown by Annie’s insights regarding following conventional wisdom (even if it doesn’t make … Read More