Still Doing Deals… Thanks to These 2 Pivots With Marcus Maloney (Part 2, Post-Coronavirus)

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Yesterday, Marcus Maloney showed us how he built his deal-finding machine. Today, he tells us how he’s hanging onto it by making two big shifts in his business. When the pandemic hit, lenders got nervous… and that put a couple of Marcus’ deals in danger. So did he give up? No! He tapped his own network of private lenders to … Read More

386: Starting Out With $200 and Investing for Profit AND Cash Flow With Marcus Maloney (Part 1, Pre-Coronavirus)

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From “bad drug dealer” in his youth… to earning a master’s degree, then jumping into real estate at age 36 and crushing his first deal! Today, Marcus Maloney shares his wild ride in Part 1 of two episodes this week. This one was recorded before the coronavirus pandemic, so we don’t discuss that topic. Tomorrow, we’ll dive into how Marcus … Read More

16 Staycation Ideas: How to Create the Ultimate Summer Vacation at Home

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Summertime brings warmer weather, longer days, and dreams of vacations to beaches or new cities. But what happens when your vacation gets canceled, you’re budgeting to afford a new house , or travel just isn’t possible because we still need to stay at home? The answer is simple — enjoy a vacation at home. Whether it’s creating a spa in … Read More

385: Once Homeless, Now Investing in an Expensive Market (With No Money of His Own) With Greg Gaudet

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Flipping with no money down… in Hawaii? You heard that right. Greg Gaudet actually considers himself “risk-averse” and still holds a full-time job, but he’s able to make nice chunks of change by hustling to find deals and managing rehabs for Brandon’s team on Maui. Today, Greg walks us through his journey from “rock bottom,” including bouts with addiction and … Read More

Home Maintenance: 11 Things You Should Address Immediately

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Your home is your sanctuary and maintaining it is paramount, especially if you ever plan on selling your home in the future you’ll be sure to want top dollar for it. Beyond sweeping floors and mowing your yard, some home maintenance tasks require more immediate attention and if left unchecked can cause significant damage to your home. Here are 11 … Read More

How to Create Your Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

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As summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, no one wants to spend time inside sweating over a hot stove. With an outdoor kitchen, you can make the most of the beautiful warm nights by spending them with your friends and family. Whether you have thousands to spend or a just few hundred to splurge, create your own outdoor kitchen … Read More

15 Backyard Oasis Ideas For Your Home This Summer

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Ahhhh, summer… you’ve made it through the long, dark winter months, and now is the perfect time to spend time outdoors, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful weather. However, you may find yourself staying at home – and probably in your backyard – more these days given the current climate of what’s happening in the world. Well, if your backyard is … Read More

10 Deadly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make with Brandon and David

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After yesterday’s deep dive interview discussing 2 disastrous flip projects, we have a solo show for you today. And the title says it all, really. Brandon and David boiled down nearly 400 podcast episodes, countless forum threads, books, and real-life conversations, and their own missteps and now present: the Top 10 Ways Real Estate Investors Lose Money. These aren’t the … Read More