407: Buying 100+ Houses/Year in 4 Hours/Week Using Teams, Traction, and (Get this…) TikTok with Ryan Pineda

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Want to think like a high-level investor and business owner who is seizing the moment and enjoying his best year ever? Listen up!

Former Oakland A’s baseball player (and show 292  guest) Ryan Pineda steps back up to the plate today… and he delivers a detailed breakdown of how he’s using TikTok, Youtube, billboards, and TV commercials to generate an avalanche of leads in the Las Vegas, NV market.

Ryan’s team flips and wholesales 100 houses a year… but because he’s set them up according to the EOS/Traction system, he spends just 3-4 hours per week running things!

Sound good? Well, a lot of hard work went it.

And in this episode, you’ll hear the journey firsthand: from exactly how each member of Ryan’s team handles a transaction, to why they keep a visual scoreboard in the office, to how he had to shift his mindset after realizing he was the bottleneck holding his business back.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Operating a real estate brokerage, tax company, house flipping business all at once
  • Flipping 100 houses/year in 3-4 hours/week
  • How Ryan attracts deals using TV ads and billboards
  • Why he believes influence is the most valuable currency today
  • Finding the one thing you can’t delegate
  • How he leads a team using EOS system from the book Traction
  • How structure can actually free your team up to do their best work
  • And SO much more!

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