397: Live Calls! A Travel Nurse, a College Student, a High-End Flipper + More BP Members Put Brandon, David, and J Scott on the Hot Seat

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In today’s episode we open up the phone lines again to field your real estate investing questions… and for an added twist, we bring in the familiar voice of author, BiggerPockets Business Podcast host, and house flipper/investor extraordinaire J Scott.

You’ll hear callers chime in with questions like: 1) “Help me get started” 2) “should I partner with family members?” 3) “How do I transition from single family to multifamily” – and much more! From refinancing and the finer points of BRRRR… to mentorship and long-distance investing… It’s all here!

Tell Brandon and David what you think of this new format in the show notes at biggerpockets.com/show397. We want to hear from you, too!

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