393: Campus Maintenance Man to $10M in Real Estate Owned with Rick Jarman

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Real estate investing… old school!

Rick Jarman (@realestateoldschool on Instagram) joins us today to share some of his hard-won wisdom from 44+ years as a flipper and landlord in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. And it’s quite the journey, from cabinet maker and campus maintenance man to cigar-puffing 64-year-old social media influencer!

In this episode you’ll hear tales of up markets, down markets, losing it all, getting it all back… and a tornado that wiped out 20 of Rick’s 100+ rental houses. He also takes us through his rules for tenant screening, explains why he favors 15-year mortgages, and paints a picture of what it’s like to self-manage such a large portfolio of single family homes (with a team, of course).

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Rick went from maintenance guy to owning 100+ properties
  • Selling his truck to buy his first rental in 1981
  • Investing lessons learned through 4 recessions
  • Why his rentals saved him when his home building business failed in the late 90s
  • Losing 20+ houses in a tornado in 2011
  • Rick’s tenant screening process
  • Why tenants’ credit scores don’t tell the whole story
  • Wrapping 40+ houses into one loan
  • Why some investors “get bored with what works
  • And SO much more!

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