4 Affordable Spring DIY Updates You Can Try This Weekend

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Spring is one of the most popular times to list a home. HGTV’s Chip Wade reveals easy projects to attract buyers.


If springtime has you eager to roll up your sleeves and give your home a fresh feel, there’s more you can do beyond breaking out the vacuum.

Spring is also a great time to take on easy DIY projects that can pay off quite literally if you’re planning to list your home.

Even if you’re not looking to sell this spring (a popular time to do so!), laying the framework for a polished aesthetic now will ease the burden on necessary renovation when the time comes.

The most important first step with all DIY projects is to have a plan, said HGTV and DIY Network home expert and Liberty Mutual consultant, Chip Wade.

“DIY can be a good strategy as long as you pick the right things to do,” he said.

Chip, who has appeared on HGTV shows such as “Curb Appeal: The Block,” “Design Star,” and “Wise Buys,” recommends DIY projects as a smart alternative to spending tons of cash of professional projects–so long as you know your limits.

“The average American doesn’t renovate with the most thoughtful approach. We typically look at a lot of inspiration imagery and try to shove that into our architecture,” Chip said. “When you don’t start with a DIY plan and try to fly by the seat of your pants, you’ll get subpar results, which leads to poor ROI when selling your home.”

But don’t give up and call in the pros just yet. “When you’re hiring a lot of professionals to come in and do work, you can get upside down really quickly when it comes to costs. With DIY, you can meter your exposure, so long as you start with a distinct plan and a list of items you know will be impactful.”

Need help formulating a spring plan for DIY projects? Follow Chip’s tips for easy spring updates you can tackle this weekend.

1. Only use one type of flooring

“One of the biggest detriments in home design and positioning a home to sell is the discontinuity of flooring material throughout the house. One trick of the trade I’ve learned as a designer is, if you’re standing in any one spot and can see three different types of flooring, you have too many. Whether looking to better your living situation or make your home more attractive for a sale, consolidate flooring materials. Addressing this issue will simplify the whole field and make it feel fresh and new.”

2. Make like Marie Kondo with spring cleaning, but do it your way

“I’m an avid believer that if you aren’t using something for three months, get rid of it. But don’t live by someone else’s metric, make your own and stand by it. Whether your time period is three months, six months, or two years, establish what that is when you’re cleaning out, and hold yourself to that standard.”

3. Now trending: tile

“Surfaces such as counters, flooring or tile are three areas where I am seeing the most technological advancement–aside from smart home tech, of course. Tile is now available in large format offerings. They come in massive sheets that cover a whole wall or backsplash with one piece and almost zero grout line. It provides a great benefit for maintenance, and also a strong design aesthetic. Additionally, we’re seeing a resurgence in luxury vinyl tile and laminate. These were formerly taboo words that are now coming of age, and can be used for waterproof, durable, easy to install, cost-effective flooring that looks great.”

4. A strong economy yields bolder colors

“Pastels are really big and mid-century modern design is still prolific.Typically, our affinity to use bolder colors falls in line with the strength of the economy. When the economy is more uncertain, we retreat to neutrals and softer tones. When the economy is strong, there’s a large resurgence of bolder products and colors. We are seeing stronger colors right now with more density and dimension, whether it be paint, tile, or any other type of wall covering.”

Want more of Chip’s DIY tips? Read our latest report for insight on how to boost your home’s curb appeal this spring.


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