Redfin Reveals New Top 10 Lists of the Most Popular, Affordable and Expensive Homes for Sale in more than 50 U.S. Cities

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The newly rolled-out resources also include insight on the most walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly neighborhoods in each city.


Lists are great. Use them to check off things to do, consume internet culture, and now, search for a fabulous new home.

Redfin recently launched new top 10 lists updated daily as the latest in a suite of tech-powered offerings. For each of 51 cities across the country, the 10 most popular homes, 10 most expensive homes and 10 most affordable homes for sale can all be found on Redfin’s ‘Listings’ tab on the map page in each city. From there, scroll down past the listings until you see ‘Notable Listings.’ See one that catches your eye? Easily navigate from any list to explore individual listing pages for each property and learn more about the home.

Cities with top 10 lists include most major hubs from coast to coast, including Los Angeles , Seattle , Chicago , Phoenix , Las Vegas , Nashville , Atlanta , Baltimore , Boston , Tampa , and so many more.

These lists sharing affordable, expensive and popular listings also offer key insights. Find out how many homes are for sale in each city, the average number of views the most popular homes for sale are getting on, as well as stats on local home price trends, how competitive the market is for buyers and more.

Additionally, under the ‘Market Insights’ tab (found to the right of ‘Listings’ in any city), scroll down to find the top 10 most walkable , bikeable and transit-friendly neighborhoods to help further hone in on attributes associated with top homes.

Exploring these tabs leads you to discover where to find a “Walker’s Paradise ” and other highlights about each city.

There’s plenty to play with, and as such, allow us to take a look at the top 10 most popular homes in Seattle right this second. The masses have spoken–er, clicked and viewed–these homes, of which there are currently 1,595 homes for sale. Of all homes for sale, 10% have 4,336 views by potential homeowners in Seattle. A home in Seattle is expected to get 954 views per day.

How do we know this? Our new shiny top 10 tool of course. Here’s a taste of what the most popular homes for sale in Seattle look like right now based on our list:

1. 752 Bellevue Ave E #308
Ultra mod with a designer touch, this two bedroom condo in downtown Seattle, fuses mid-century and contemporary design for a home that feels private, luxe and totally unique.

2. 3711 41st Ave S
We’re not sure what we love more: the beautiful views or the expansive wood decks to appreciate them from. An open floor plan is great for entertaining, and the design was recently updated for an upscale feel.

3. 218 18th Ave E
This three bedroom craftsman in Capitol Hill features three spacious bedrooms and a spa-like bath with a deep soaking tub. Pocket doors, original woodwork and refinished floors are a few of the charming details on offer.


Want more? Click here to explore all of Seattle’s most popular listings. To view the rest of the top 10 lists, click here to explore Seattle’s most affordable listings , and find the most expensive listings here .

Feeling inspired to curate your own top 10? Play Dave Letterman (millennials: a popular former late night host who created nightly top 10 lists, which were essentially Buzzfeed listicles televised “irl”) and use these new features to pull your own up-to-the-minute lists of the most popular, affordable and luxury homes across the country, learning more about each city along the way.

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