This Bathroom Has Us Mystified: Is It a Mirror or a Double Bathroom?

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(photo credit: Kristin Brillantes)


First there was the debate over the blue or gold dress , then Laurel or Yanny . Now comes, mirror or double bathroom.

Let’s backup: this charming home in Baltimore , listed by Kristin Brillantes of Keller Williams, features three bedrooms, a lovely white picket fenced yard, and 1.2 bathrooms.

(photo credit: Kristin Brillantes)

Wait, 1.2 bathrooms?

Flip to image 26 and 27 in the listing slideshow and find a large tub seemingly separated by identical toilets, cabinets and fixtures.

(photo credit: Kristin Brillantes)

But wait a minute, that’s got to be a full mirror in the shower reflecting the room back, right?

(photo credit: Kristin Brillantes)

Right? Or is it really just a tub separated by identical double bath vanities?

(photo credit: Kristin Brillantes)

The plot thickens: there is another completely different bathroom in the house in addition to this one, as evidenced here. So which is the .2?

(photo credit: Kristin Brillantes)

The listing has been viewed by curious searchers over a thousand times. We know the answer, but we’ll let you vote in the comments first. Tell us: is this a mirrored or double sink bathroom?


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