These are the 10 Most Romantic U.S. Cities this Valentine’s Day

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New York, Houston and Chicago are ahead of the game with the most 1-800-Flowers deliveries planned for Valentine’s Day. Redfin helps you strategize the ultimate date night.


Whether or not you choose to embrace Valentine’s Day, the surge of candy hearts, red roses, and panic over last minute dinner reservations has become somewhat synonymous with the month of February.

Especially in these cities, which are the top spots for a romantic rendezvous. Or, perhaps the places you may wish to avoid if you’re not a supporter of Saint Valentine.

Our list is based on data from 1-800-Flowers , which determined the below cities rank highest according to the number of Valentine’s Day deliveries planned thus far.

They also found that roses, lilies, tulips, Gerbera daisies and orchids, (in that order) are the most popular, and when it comes to hues, petals that are red (54%), pink and hot pink (38%) and purple (8%) are favored. With all those blooms en route, there’s bound to be so much love in the air, you may just smell it.

We used our own Walk Score® data and Open Table search results for each city center to help you plan the ultimate date night. We looked up how many restaurants in each location are still accepting a 7 p.m. dinner reservation for two on February 14 (as of the time this story published), and whether you should walk or drive. Here’s how each city shapes up:

1. Manhattan

Walk Score: 89
Determination: Hoof it on foot
Restaurants on OpenTable: 5,411
Reservations Available: 1,730

2. Houston

Walk Score: 49
Determination: Uber, please
Restaurants on OpenTable: 4, 154
Reservations Available: 389

3. Chicago

Walk Score: 78
Determination: Walk this way
Restaurants on OpenTable: 2,954
Reservations Available: 674

4. Los Angeles

Walk Score: 67
Determination: Car pool lane
Restaurants on OpenTable: 10,716
Reservations Available: 618

5. Dallas

Walk Score: 46
Determination: Dude, where’s your car?
Restaurants on OpenTable: 1,352
Reservations Available: 314

6. Atlanta

Walk Score: 49
Determination: Virgin Shirley Temple, please
Restaurants on OpenTable: 2,252
Reservations Available: 326

7. Brooklyn

Walk Score: 89
Determination: Take a walk on the wild side
Restaurants on OpenTable: 2,496
Reservations Available: 243

8. San Antonio

Walk Score: 38
Determination: Lyft me up
Restaurants on OpenTable: 2,188
Reservations Available: 20

9. Washington, D.C.

Walk Score: 77
Determination: Walk in the footsteps of our founding fathers
Restaurants on OpenTable: 917
Reservations Available: 646

10. San Diego

Walk Score: 51
Determination: Surf or drive
Restaurants on OpenTable: 1,501
Reservations Available: 338



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