Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home Drops in Price, Again

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Kurt Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, just shaved off $71,000 from the price of his childhood home , bringing the new price tag to $329,000.

The four-bedroom house is located in Aberdeen, WA and first came on the market in 2013 for $500,000, a pretty large price tag considering the median list price for homes in that area is $130,000. The lead front man for the infamous Rock band “Nirvana” still has quite the cult following to this day, so it’s kind of surprising that a Cobain-enthusiast hasn’t laid out the cash just yet for the late musician’s former home.

Kurt lived in the home from the time he was two years old, until his parents separated when he was nine, and later when he returned to live with his mom from age 16 to 20. His bedroom, which looks like a converted attic, still has Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin logos that he stenciled on the walls, and holes from where he punched the walls as a teen.

The property reappeared on the market this past March for $400,000, but the $100,000 price reduction probably didn’t draw much fanfare, leading to the most recent price slash.

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