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How HGTV Ruined House Flipping



A 2 year guide for investors who want to flip houses or build a rental portfolio.

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We've sold over 1,000 houses to real estate investors of all experience levels, here are some of their stories.

Why real estate investing?

As the housing market improves, many people are turning back to real estate investing as an alternative to the stock market, as a way to make extra money or just as a fun (and profitable) hobby.

The problem.

Many real estate investors lose money or never buy their first property because:

They can’t find a house with the right numbers
Banks are no longer lending on distressed properties
Many contractors are expensive and tough to manage
They get stuck with a house they paid to much for

Don’t most people just call a real estate agent when they want to buy an investment property?

Most agents don’t have the knowledge, resources or incentives to work with real estate investors.  The business model of traditional real estate brokerages are built around homeowners purchasing houses in the retail price range – not around investors who need cheap houses that are hard to find and negotiate.

What does Build Realty do?

Build Realty is a fully licensed real estate brokerage that specializes in helping real estate investors start or grow their business.We sell deeply discounted, distressed houses to real estate investors and then provide those investors with all of the resources they need to fix up and resell the house – at no additional cost.

Every investor who buys a house from Build Realty receives:

 One-on-one consultation  with a licensed Build Realty Associate
 Project planning to map out the entire rehab including scope of work and schedule
 Access to our preferred list of contractors to complete the work
 Financing for the purchase and renovation of the house (imperfect credit is o.k.)
 Professional photos and MLS listing when the property is completed

Sounds good.  What are the next steps?

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