6 Forgotten Housing Costs That Could Push You Over Budget

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These are costs you’ll probably never see on a lender’s checklist, but they represent real money — sometimes large amounts of it. 1. Improvements Even if your home is in great shape or brand new on the date of purchase, there will probably be things you want to change to make it uniquely yours. New carpet, paint, or countertops, perhaps? … Read More

How to Lower the Cost of Your Home Loan

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After working with your lender to determine your borrowing limits — either during pre-approval, or when applying for your loan — you may discover that you cannot or are not willing to borrow as much money as you had originally planned. Here are some reasons you may be having second thoughts: The payments are higher than you’d expected. The interest … Read More

This Common Mistake Can Kill Your Mortgage

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Young Couple Moving In To New Home Together In order to qualify for a mortgage, you need to show your lender that you have a down payment and access to funds for closing. This money needs to come from documentable sources prior to moving it from your bank account to your escrow account. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t do … Read More

5 Efficient Ways to Banish Pet Odor From Your Home

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Image via iStock We often grow accustom to the smells created by our pets in our home. Even a visibly clean house can have a lingering scent of wet dog or cat urine. This can be a problem when trying to sell a home as pet odors can deter potential buyers. Here are five efficient ways to remove pet odor … Read More

The Biggest Flooring Mistakes Homeowners Make

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Image via iStock Installing new floors is a great way to update the look of your home while adding fresh appeal. While style and design are key components of the decision making process, homeowners often neglect other areas that should be taken into consideration when selecting new flooring. Here are a few tips to help you avoid common flooring mistakes. … Read More

How Apple is Playing in the Home Automation Space

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Home has always been where the heart is, but now more than ever before, it’s where the brain resides too. The popularity of “smart” technology continues to pick up – with each passing year, more of our analog appliances are able to communicate, share data and analyze information gathered from our daily routines. Today it’s possible to lock doors and … Read More

Checklist: What to Look for on a Final Walk-Through

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Image via iStock A few days before you sign the documents to finalize your purchase of the home, you’ll have the chance to take one last look through the property. It’s your last chance to make sure that everything with the house is in order, and that no new issues have cropped up since the inspection. What should I look … Read More

How to Create a Floor Plan Before You Move Into Your New Home

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It is essential to create a floor plan for your new home BEFORE you move. Designing a floor plan is a to-do that is frequently overlooked. Not only is it the step that saves you money on moving day, it also transforms a new house into your new home. If you have a plan for where each piece of furniture … Read More

5 Ways to Show Your Home Some Love

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Editor’s note:  Love is in the air. Why not part with tradition and observe Valentine’s Day in a way that also involves your home?  After all, home is where the heart is. Sure, you could make reservations. But maybe the ultimate in romance is a candlelit evening at home. And those long-stemmed red roses have their appeal, but what about … Read More