Rental Affordability Is Worst in Minority Communities

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Housing has become less affordable for all renters since 2011 as rent appreciation greatly outpaced income growth. But for renters living in predominately black or Hispanic neighborhoods, the situation is decidedly worse. New data shows that, on average, residents of predominantly white neighborhoods spend 30.7 percent of their income on rent, in line with the generally accepted standard of 30 … Read More

5 Predictions for Renters and Home Buyers in 2017

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If you’re a renter, you (and your bank account) probably know this already: Over the past decade, rents have been going up. And up. In many parts of the country, in fact, rents have been increasing at a faster rate than home values. The good news? The rate of growth has gradually slowed since its peak in July 2015, according … Read More

Portrait of a Long-Term Renter: Crossing Generational Divides

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For many Americans, owning a home is a rite of passage. But not everyone puts homeownership on their priority list. Long-term renters (those who have been renting for more than one year) are opting out of the home-buying game for a variety of reasons, from a desire for mobility to simply not being able to afford a home purchase. It’s not just twenty-somethings … Read More

America's Most Competitive Renters: Why Many Are Choosing to Rent

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For decades, satisfying the American Dream meant homeownership. Many expected to graduate from school, get hitched, have babies and purchase a house. Bam. Dream fulfilled. But for some millennials who came of age right around the time of the Great Recession, their vision of success has changed. Over the last several years, nearly all new household formations have been renters. In fact, … Read More

The Cost of Off-Campus Rent at Top Colleges

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Which university costs more: Harvard, Yale or MIT? It’s relatively easy to compare tuition and even dorm fees — but off-campus housing costs are harder to pin down. They also can make a big difference in the tab for a higher education. In fact, 80 percent of the towns where elite colleges are located, based on U.S News & World Report’s … Read More

Millennial Side Hustle: Renting Out Your First Home

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Image via iStock Millennials are changing what it means to have “The American Dream.” Instead of children and houses we want tiny homes and to travel the world . Lifestyle aside, if you’re a millennial and considering buying your first home, there’s likely a long list of reasons why you want to do so: moving in with a partner or … Read More

Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Rental

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Living in a rental can put a significant damper on your design options. With unchangeable fixtures and cabinets, blasé paint colors, and the threat of losing your security deposit if you make changes, a lot of renters suppress their personal style and force themselves to live with builder-grade basic. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By getting creative with your furniture and … Read More

Rental Listing Terms Reveal Popular Features in Each State

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Home shoppers in Arkansas and Washington, D.C. are looking for retail with their rentals. Landlords in the D.C. area are seven times more likely to include “Starbucks” in their rental listing , while the phrase “close to Walmart” is 54 times more popular in the Natural State than anywhere else in the country. Rental shoppers in New Hampshire, on the … Read More

City or Suburb? 10 Rentals Offering the Best of Each Locale

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If you’re looking for a rental in a major metropolitan area, you’ve got plenty of options. One big decision you’ll need to make is whether to live in the city proper or one of its suburbs . The city offers the allure of adventure, the opportunity to live without the extra cost of car, and often a shorter commute to … Read More