Test Your Home Improvement IQ With This Quiz

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Do you watch house-flipping TV shows? Are you embarking on a major remodel for the first time? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, this quiz is for you. Which Home Improvements Have the Biggest ROI? If you’re not in your forever home, it’s a good idea to consider the resale value of common home updates. Take this … Read More

How to Set a Home Renovation Budget

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Ready for a kitchen renovation? Anxious for a bathroom remodel? The easy part is knowing your goal for home remodeling – whether you’re trying to keep up with your growing family, add office space, or increase your home’s value. But figuring out how to plan a home renovation that doesn’t break the bank can be tricky. Here are five key steps in … Read More

Quiz: Should You Renovate Your Home or Sell?

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Most homeowners have that one thing about their home that they wish were different. “My house would be perfect if it just had one more bathroom.” “I love my house – except for the kitchen layout.” “If I had more storage space, I could live here forever.” For some owners, their home’s fatal flaw exists outside the four walls. Maybe … Read More

4 Things to Do Before Gutting a Home

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Do you have a bit of a fixer upper on your hands? Or maybe you’re just ready for a major change? Remodeling your home can be a lot of work, but the results, when done well, are well worth it. Before you get too excited and start tearing down walls and ripping up the floors, read through this guide to … Read More

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Contractors

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Building or renovating a home is a complex project with plenty of moving parts. Even if you’re planning to take a DIY approach, it’s likely you’ll need some help from contractors along the way. Here’s a guide to the types of contractors you might enlist to help you complete your dream home. General contractors If you think of a general … Read More

What NOT to Do When Remodeling Bathrooms

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While a bathroom might not be the first room a potential home buyer asks to see, it can make or break the sale. Here are five common mistakes both rookie and seasoned flippers and homeowners make when renovating a bathroom. Mistake 1: Ignoring proper spacing and layout Bathrooms may seem straightforward, but a lack of spatial awareness in the renovation planning … Read More

How Breaking 3 Design Rules Made Our Home Feel More Like Us

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“A house is a machine for living in.” Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier made huge contributions to Modernism, urban planning and furniture design, but among all his contributions, the one thing I keep coming back to is this quote. The challenge we all face as homeowners is in adapting our houses to our unique lifestyles instead of worrying too much about … Read More

Bringing a 1980s Relic Into the Light, Bright Modern Age

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It’s never easy to restore an old home, but redesigning a home built in the 1980s – an era not particularly loved for its style – requires imagination. Debbie Cederlind and Lora Lindberg, Seattle house-flipping pros and owners of Urban Squirrel , recently tackled a Bothell, WA home built in 1989 that didn’t have much going for it on the … Read More

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is likely the most loved room in your home – and the wear and tear proves it. It’s the hangout for hungry teenagers, the conversation station during the holidays and the catch-up room after a busy workday. A functional and appealing kitchen is important not only for your family but for your guests, too. After all, a delicious … Read More

9 Signs It's Time to Update Your Bathroom

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A bathroom should be a place of comfort – the optimal environment for a relaxing soak or getting ready efficiently during a harried morning. “You’re going to spend time in there every day,” says Sarah Hurd, part of the mother-daughter team behind Short Story Renovations, a Baltimore-area design, rehab and staging company. “You should not hate your bathroom.” If a … Read More