Why Cities Must Become Affordable For the Middle Class

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This article was originally published on attn.com. Cities need the middle class. They need nurses and teachers. Yet if people have a well-paying job like those, they’re finding it increasingly hopeless to afford to pay for a house in the city in which they work. Cities tend to have the most job opportunities, but they also have the highest cost … Read More

How Historic Racial Injustices Still Impact Housing Today

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For the majority of Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity, owning a home is a major goal. According to the first Zillow Housing Aspirations Report , 63 percent of whites, 63 percent of blacks and 73 percent of Hispanics believe owning a home is necessary to live the American Dream. But although they share the same dreams as whites, for … Read More

20 Best Cities for Trick or Treating in 2017

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Pumpkins, haunted houses and costumed kiddos can only mean one thing – it’s time for Halloween! Every year, Zillow’s team of economists crunches the numbers to find the best cities for little ghosts and ghouls to score the best candy. These cities are based on places where home values are high, there are plenty of kids under 10, and where … Read More

How to Actually Afford to Buy A Home in America

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Home buyers today face tough challenges-housing prices have soared, a dollar doesn’t go as far as it once did and rent is more expensive than the past. How are people today making such a large purchase in spite of these hurdles? With more flexibility and a bit of creativity when it comes to financing, today’s buyers are finding ways to … Read More

Rising Rents, Stagnant Wages, And the Burden of Unstable Housing

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While homelessness may not be viewed as a looming issue on the horizon for those who are financially stable, or otherwise have secure and stable housing-it’s not as distant as some might think. With rents rising faster than wages, the burden of affording rent is looming larger and larger for many Americans, and in some cases becoming insurmountable. According to … Read More

27 Stats That Sum Up the American Housing Market

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Today’s housing market is fast-paced and often pricier than it’s been in decades. Both renters and buyers are facing challenges in finding a place to call home. Both sellers and homeowners also face their own set of challenges — tied to the line they walk between seeing their home as a personal extension of themselves as well as one of … Read More

Pre-Wedding Bashes Can Put a Dent in Saving for a Home Down Payment

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Destination bachelor and bachelorette parties are becoming the new norm, especially among millennials who prize experience and grew up with The Hangover’s depiction of pre-wedding adventure. While flying off to Vegas with your closest friends can certainly be a trip of a lifetime, big ticket vacations can add up quick– a lost faster than a $19 avocado toast. A new … Read More

Upsizing on the Upswing: The Big Decision More Homeowners are Making

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For Rhiannon Kruse, moving to a bigger home was about facing the music. For five years, Kruse and her husband had squeezed themselves into a downtown Seattle high-rise. At 700 square feet, their home meant giving up a dresser to cram clothing into an under-the-bed storage space, and limiting the number of guests they could invite over for dinner. Even … Read More

Hidden Costs of Homeownership Typically Top $9,000 a Year

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Buyers too often focus on a home’s list price or mortgage payment to determine what they can afford. However, the numerous less-obvious costs associated with homeownership can affect the monthly bottom line. To help home buyers budget more accurately, Zillow and Thumbtack identified several common but often overlooked home expenses and calculated what homeowners around the country could expect to … Read More

The First Names Who Own the Most Valuable Homes, in Every State

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What’s in a name? When it comes to home values: A lot. A Zillow Research analysis of more than 70 million property records showed that homeowners named Alison and Stuart own the most valuable homes across the country. Homeowners named Anne appear on the list the most, turning up tops in 10 of the 45 states analyzed, from Alabama to … Read More