U.S. Homeowners Spend $15,000 in Hidden Costs to Sell a House

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Selling a home not only takes time, but also costs money. To help with budgeting, Zillow and Thumbtack identified several common – but often overlooked – seller expenses. From closing costs to home prep projects like carpet cleaning, U.S. homeowners can expect to spend more than $15,000 on these extra or hidden costs to sell the median home, according to Zillow … Read More

Which 10 U.S. Metros Have the Most Empty Nesters?

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Pittsburgh is strong as steel when it comes to empty nest households, according to new Zillow research. Steel City holds the top spot in a new survey of markets where older homeowners live in a house with no children. The number of empty nests nationwide is higher than ever before , having climbed steadily in the past decade, says Aaron … Read More

Our Racially Divided Housing Market Is Changing, Thanks to Millennials

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Kieran Killeen was astounded when he bought a home in Vermont in 2002, and its title barred minorities from living there unless they were servants. They were empty words. Racial covenants are no longer legal. But Killeen, who is white, did not like having even a defunct racist restriction on his home’s title. He worked with neighbors to have it removed … Read More

Moving From a Home With 2 Bedrooms to 3 Costs an Extra $450 a Month

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Thinking about moving this year? Whether your family is growing or you’re just looking for more space, upgrading to a home with an extra bed or bath comes with a premium in most metros. To help buyers better understand their options this home-shopping season, Zillow identified how much extra “move-up” buyers could expect to spend on their mortgage if they were … Read More

Rental Affordability Is Worst in Minority Communities

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Housing has become less affordable for all renters since 2011 as rent appreciation greatly outpaced income growth. But for renters living in predominately black or Hispanic neighborhoods, the situation is decidedly worse. New data shows that, on average, residents of predominantly white neighborhoods spend 30.7 percent of their income on rent, in line with the generally accepted standard of 30 … Read More

5 Predictions for Renters and Home Buyers in 2017

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If you’re a renter, you (and your bank account) probably know this already: Over the past decade, rents have been going up. And up. In many parts of the country, in fact, rents have been increasing at a faster rate than home values. The good news? The rate of growth has gradually slowed since its peak in July 2015, according … Read More

Economic Sweet Spots for Tech, Finance and Health Care Workers

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With Silicon Valley workers living in vans and RVs and interns squatting in corporate offices , it’s clear that even a tech salary does not shield some workers from the vagaries of sky-high housing costs. The good news is, there are tech jobs outside the Bay Area — and, in some places, workers have thousands of dollars left over each month after paying … Read More

City Living Costs Families Up to $9,000 More a Year Than Suburban

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Urban living has its perks, but they come at a cost: It turns out families spend $9,073 more a year to cover basic living expenses in the city than in the suburbs, according to a new analysis from Zillow and Care.com . Those costs include mortgage payments, property taxes and child care. The urban-suburban disparity varies considerably depending on the … Read More

Why May Is the Magic Month for Home Sellers

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When it comes time to sell a home, every seller wants the same outcome: to sell quickly, for as much money as possible. According to a new Zillow analysis , listing a home toward the end of spring significantly increases a seller’s chances of making this happen. In all but five of the country’s 25 biggest metro markets, the best … Read More

San Francisco Is Best for Home Sellers, Baltimore for Buyers

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Owning a home in San Francisco comes with 99 problems, but selling ain’t one. Among the problems: San Francisco’s median home values are among the highest in the country, topping $800,000, according to Zillow Research . The city is cold and foggy in the summer, as Mark Twain noted. You also have to keep an ear to the ground for … Read More