Economic Sweet Spots for Tech, Finance and Health Care Workers

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With Silicon Valley workers living in vans and RVs and interns squatting in corporate offices , it’s clear that even a tech salary does not shield some workers from the vagaries of sky-high housing costs. The good news is, there are tech jobs outside the Bay Area — and, in some places, workers have thousands of dollars left over each month after paying … Read More

Nashville Tops the List of Hottest Housing Markets for 2017

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In the same year renting becomes more affordable and the homeownership rate bounces back from historical lows, the country’s housing market superstar will be — drumroll, please — Nashville ! Music City has moved beyond its country roots to become a fast-growing economy with employment by the healthcare industry and big corporate names including Nissan, Randstad and Kroger — plus … Read More

How Record-Breaking Home Values Impact Potential Home Buyers

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Recent record-breaking home values in 26 percent of the country’s housing markets are both a sign of recovery and another barrier for home buyers as they head out into this season’s competitive housing market. San Francisco and San Jose shattered their median home-value records months ago. But more recently, markets in the South and even the Midwest and Northeast have … Read More

Hottest Housing Markets for 2016

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Housing experts predict  U.S. home value growth around 3.5 percent this year. But which markets are leading the charge? To determine the hottest real estate markets for 2016, we looked at the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) Forecast , recent income growth and current unemployment rates. These variables were scaled and combined equally to form a “hotness score.” Here’s a look at the top 10 metros: … Read More

Should You Renovate an Underwater Home?

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If you’re underwater and need to sell your home, you may be thinking about sprucing up your kitchen or adding a bathroom to raise its value in hopes of closing the gap between what your home is worth and what you owe on your mortgage. Is it crazy to pump money into a home when you owe more on it … Read More

You Could Be Making Money on Your Home … and Not Even Know It

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A home is the biggest investment most Americans will ever make, yet most of us know surprisingly little about our largest asset, according to Zillow’s Housing Confidence Index. Twenty-five percent of Americans think there was no growth in home values last year, when in fact, home values grew 4 percent nationally and by double digits in more than 65 metros … Read More

Real Estate is Local Again

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Double-digit home-value growth is setting records in Denver, San Jose, Dallas and San Francisco this home-buying season. The housing market is much cooler in Florida, with home values in Tampa, Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Orlando growing at half the pace they were one year ago. The May Zillow Real Estate Market Reports highlight the country’s diverging real estate markets. After years of … Read More

Rents Rising Faster Than Home Values

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Buying a home is already far more affordable than renting one, and that imbalance could worsen as rents outpace home values for the first time in years. In April, rents nationally rose an average of 4 percent compared to home values increasing by just 3 percent year-over-year, according to new data from Zillow. One result: Renters who were considering buying … Read More