Getting and Staying Organized Through the Summer

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Sometime about now in mid-summer we begin asking ourselves, “Why do things seem to be out of control? I planned on organizing my photos , painting that cute dresser I picked up at the yard sale last fall, and waking up without an alarm clock on Fridays. None of it has happened!” View original article on Zillow.

Roommate Relations: Making Smart Use of Shared Spaces

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Renting a home with other people can be stressful. But with careful planning and clear communication, living with others doesn’t have to lead to passive-aggressive notes and arguments. Whether you live with your sibling, your bestie or your significant other, try these tips for making smart use of those shared spaces. Closets What matters most when sharing closet space is … Read More

10 Ways to Conquer Clutter and Simplify Your Life

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It’s the season of fresh starts, which means it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home organization strategy. Spoiler: It’s not as hard as you think! In fact, these stress-reducing tips will help you solve some of the most common home organization woes – simply and with minimal effort. 1. “I can’t find it!” Cutting clutter is an obvious starting … Read More

7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids' Toys From Taking Over Your Home

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Remember the days when you could read a decorating magazine without crying? If parenthood has made a mess out of your home and evening routine, get your sanity back with these simple tips. 1. Reduce the clutter It doesn’t matter how organized you are – a surplus of toys will always ensure your house is a mess waiting to happen. … Read More

With This DIY Sporting Goods Catch-all, Game Day Is No Sweat

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This project will help you organize your garage and become the LeBron James of DIY projects . With all your gear in the same place, you’ll always be prepared when someone yells, “Where’s my basketball?” (Or volleyball, hockey stick, tennis racket, etc.) See how it’s done, then follow the step-by-step instructions to build one of your own. 1. Find a bookcase Choose … Read More

"Where Should I Keep My…?": Solving the Ultimate Small Space Dilemmas

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When you’re renting, square footage is something to be savored, not squandered. It’s hard enough finding a home for your everyday must-haves, let alone bulky, infrequently used, or offseason items like snowshoes,  pool toys, and holiday decorations. Whatever your hobby or collection, there’s an organizational hack to help you store it. Here are some clever storage tricks for six of the … Read More

5 Tips to Declutter Your Closet in a Day

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I recently had a closet collapse. I came home from a day at the office to find heaps of once-neatly-hung, color-coordinated clothes in one giant, messy mound on the floor. Worse than picking up the pieces of chipped drywall? Admitting that maybe it was time to get rid of that favorite shirt of mine — from college. In the ’90s. … Read More

7 Ways to Self-Sabotage Your Organizing Efforts

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Have you ever heard the saying, “You are your own worst enemy”? Self-sabotage exists for all of us in one way or another – and we usually notice it when our homes and lives become too disorganized to manage. It starts innocently enough with piles of unopened mail, a full inbox of unanswered emails, or stacks of dirty dishes. But … Read More

Declutter Your Way to a More Organized, Intentional Home

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Although I have always been organized, there were two significant moments in my life that taught me how to manage clutter. The first was when I returned from a backpacking trip around the world. Having visited homes in many developing nations, I no longer wanted to have such excess in my own home. My possessions were organized, but I had … Read More

Tackling the Top 10 Home Organization Issues

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As we face down the last couple of months of the year, it’s important to get organized now so you can reduce your stress and current clutter before the influx of holiday parties and gift-giving begins. Use my tips to tackle some of the most common home organization complaints, so you can breathe more easily from now until the end of … Read More