8 Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017

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Just like home interiors, landscape design evolves with our lifestyles and the times. Here’s a look at eight trends that will be shaping your lawn, garden, and outdoor spaces this year. Estate style scales down Who says you need to have rolling acres to deck out your landscape with soaring hedges and climbing vines? Compact and dwarf versions of popular estate-style plants … Read More

Five Tips for Spring Lawn Prep

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Even if your lawn is made up of weeds more than actual grass, you can turn it around with some basic preventive spring maintenance. Try these five tips to get your lawn ready before the weather warms up and the grass (and weeds) leave you in the dust. Prevent weeds Proper mowing, irrigation, and feeding practices are the best possible … Read More

Get Ready to Grow: 6 Tips for Planning Your Spring Garden

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Spring fever got you dreaming of lush gardens and sunshine? Despite what you might see on TV, beautiful landscapes don’t happen overnight. Weeds will invade your beds and need to be pulled. The mulch will break down and require replacing. And your attention span will no doubt move on to shinier things long enough for your garden to fall into … Read More

What Your Houseplants Need to Make It Through Winter

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It isn’t just you – your houseplants really do look worse in winter. Blame it on dry central-heated air, shorter days, changing light patterns, and cold drafts – and the fact that some plants go nearly dormant in winter anyway, even in their own habitat. These obstacles make houseplants more vulnerable to problems like overwatering, poor drainage, and pests than ever … Read More

A Quick Guide to Holiday Houseplants

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Don’t let a silly houseplant add even more stress to your holiday routine. From now through January, poinsettia, amaryllis, and holiday cacti only ask for three things: the right drainage, sunlight, and moisture. After the holidays you can either throw them out with the tree and buy new plants next year , or you can follow these tips to get even … Read More

Repotting Plants: Give Them a New Home Sweet Home

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Repotting your plants might seem like a hassle, but you would be amazed at how they spring back to life in a few weeks. All it takes is a little root pruning, fresh potting mix, a larger pot – and maybe a little TLC to get them back on their feet. Best of all, repotting gives you the opportunity to … Read More

How to Grow Your Own Cold-Weather Vegetable Garden

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In late summer, you may think your vegetable garden is on its way out. But if you live in a mild-winter climate, the cool-season garden might actually span the second half of the gardening year, producing fresh veggies even in winter. A cool-season vegetable garden is filled with plants that prefer the cooler temperatures and soils of fall and spring. … Read More

The Magic of Division

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Division is one of the coolest magic tricks a gardener can pull off. It involves digging up a single plant, breaking it into two or more pieces, and replanting them to multiply all by themselves – until you decide to divide again. So, really, plant division is multiplication. (Mind blown.) Why and what to divide Dividing a plant not only … Read More

A Trellis or a Pergola? Get to Know Garden Structures

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Trellises, arches, arbors, and pergolas: These four garden structures are often confused. After all, each can be used to give your outdoor space privacy, shade, and filtered light, as well as serve as a support for climbing plants. If you have a hard time remembering which structure is which, here are mnemonics to help you: Trellises are for Training vines, and they stand … Read More

How to Get Rid of Weeds for Good

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It has often been said that a weed is merely a plant that is growing where it isn’t wanted. The thing about weeds is that they are aggressive enough to grow in all the wrong places – competing with other plants by spreading out via long stems or rhizomes, or by dispersing an abundance of seeds all over your garden. … Read More