Design Trend: Shiplap All Over the House

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Shiplap may be overtaking subway tile as the wall accent everyone’s talking about. There’s just something about those clean, orderly boards that makes people swoon. Many credit Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” with popularizing the look, which they use to cover a variety of wall woes. Since installing a shiplap accent wall is a DIY project you can … Read More

5 Tips to Declutter Your Closet in a Day

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I recently had a closet collapse. I came home from a day at the office to find heaps of once-neatly-hung, color-coordinated clothes in one giant, messy mound on the floor. Worse than picking up the pieces of chipped drywall? Admitting that maybe it was time to get rid of that favorite shirt of mine — from college. In the ’90s. … Read More

4 Home Improvement Jobs You Should Always Hire Out

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Whether you’re flipping a house or renovating your current home, hiring private contractors is nearly unavoidable. If you’ve seen “Flip or Flop,” you know Tarek and I can’t do everything ourselves. We’ve built relationships with contractors we trust, and they do most of the heavy lifting. If you’re new to the flipping game , though, chances are you haven’t built … Read More

Spruce Up Your Entrance With These DIY Chevron Wall Hooks

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Image via Home Depot If your entryway is more cluttered than useful, it’s time to grab your tool belt and re-think your organization options. A traditional mudroom bench offers seating and storage, but they can be on the expensive side and their substantial size can eat into your living space. A functional art piece, like these chevron pattern-inspired hooks, is … Read More

3 Steps to Prepare Your House for Sale

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Editor’s note: Putting your home on the market is no small decision. And listing before you’re really ready can hurt your chances of selling your home for its full worth. This week we’re giving you a headstart on prime selling season  with plenty of tips and advice for preparing your home to hit the market ready for a successful sale. Planning … Read More

DIY Weekends That Work

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It’s Friday night and you’re ready for some quality time with your toolbox. Tape measure in hand, you dive into your next do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement project. Based on the tutorials online, you should be done by Sunday night. Whether you hit roadblocks in cost estimation or concept execution, common mistakes can leave you with an unfinished, unsightly project that taunts … Read More

Winter Weatherproofing Ideas That Take Just Minutes

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According to the Punxsutawney Phil, winter is sticking around for a while this year. It’s not too late to seal up your house from the cold and save money on your heating bill . These fixes are quick and easy to install, and they’ll help your home stay cozy and warm for the duration. Insulating windows and doors Weather stripping … Read More

Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Fix Up Your Home Like a Flipper

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If you’re anything like me, you may find that it’s all too easy to get caught up in the rush of flipping houses. I’ll admit – buying an old house, fixing it up, and flipping it for a profit is pretty exciting. But if you get too distracted by flipping houses , it’s easy to let your own home fall … Read More

DIY: Fixing 3 Common Household Problems

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Little things go wrong in a home sometimes. These issues are usually too small to call someone about, but they can be bothersome nonetheless. Fortunately, you can easily fix these issues yourself. We’ll show you how to troubleshoot – and permanently correct – three common household problems that can occur time and again in a home. The jammed garbage disposal … Read More

What's Your DIY IQ?

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When it comes to completing projects around the house, it’s no secret that some of us have a harder time than others. Maybe you can’t tell your ratchet from your monkey wrench – or perhaps you’ve got an expert grasp on when to choose a C-clamp instead of a pipe clamp. Now’s your chance to see how you measure up. Note: There … Read More