Personalize Your Space With a DIY Gallery Wall

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Blending interior design styles with a roommate or partner is all about including personal touches and pinpointing a shared interest or aesthetic. The floor-to-ceiling gallery wall we created for a special couple on the West Coast is a perfect example. View original article on Zillow.

8 Ways to Incorporate Your Passions Into Your Home Decor

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Your home reflects who you are, and you’re way more than a selection of tasteful paint and furniture. Why not celebrate your passions by incorporating them into your decorating? When your talents, skills, and hobbies are on display as a natural part of your decor, you feel more inspired and more at home. You don’t have to re-make your life … Read More

Repurpose Your Rope: 3 Decorative DIYs to Try

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These projects are as beautiful as they are budget-friendly, and best of all, you can easily make them in one afternoon. Ready to learn the ropes? Macrame rope curtain Modern, yet rustic. Warm, yet airy. And perfect for the doorway of your choosing. Supplies Scissors Tension rod   Masking tape  400 feet of 1/4-inch diamond braided nylon rope Instructions Pick … Read More

Tour a Riverfront Home That Draws Inspiration From the Great Outdoors

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After demolishing an older home on this property along the Tennessee River, architect Josh Cooper, principal at JCC Design Studio , erected a three-story home, taking inspiration from the client’s love for Belgian-style architecture. For the home’s exterior, Cooper incorporated materials like mountain stone, durable Siberian-larch siding and LifePine roofing. “The roof is extra special, because there isn’t a single … Read More

Quiz: What Style Is Your Dream Bedroom?

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Ahh, the bedroom of your dreams. Will it include fuzzy pillows or homespun quilts? Perhaps it’s covered wall to wall in plush rugs. Or maybe it’s a clutter-free, serene space. Rest assured that this quiz will help you discover your style. What’s Your Nesting Style? Take the quiz to find out. Minimalist Clean lines, neutral colors – for you, less … Read More

These 4 Clever Hacks Give New Life to Household Junk

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We all have a junk drawer bursting with items we can’t bear to throw away. But with these simple hacks, you can turn household junk into fun and functional items for your home. Low-key wall hooks We gotta admit: There’s something charming about turning old keys into hooks for your current keys. But the real appeal? Never losing your keys … Read More

Fill Up on Oceanfront Eye-Candy With This Malibu Castle

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There are open floor plans, and then there’s 23800 Malibu Crest Drive – a sprawling mansion built on the former site of Castle Kashan, a faux-Scottish castle destroyed by a fire in 2007 . The new 5-bedroom home – measuring 10,331 square feet and listed for $85 million – lives up to the grandeur of the previous structure with panoramic ocean views, … Read More

This Enchanting Mountaintop Cottage Embodies Coziness

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Located 45 minutes outside of Chattanooga, TN, in Monteagle, a historic cottage was renovated with organic materials that echo its picturesque mountaintop setting. Situated on the brow of the mountain, the 1,800-square-foot, 2-bedroom cottage is straight out of a fairy tale – a cozy stone structure you might happen upon when meandering through an enchanted forest. Renovated last in the … Read More