The 9-to-5er's Guide to Keeping Your House Clean

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If cleaning the house seems like one big chore, you’re probably doing it wrong. Before you put off cleaning for yet another month, here are some ways to make housework a comfortable and even enjoyable part of your daily routine. Start small If you begin and end each day with a little picking up, you’ll never get swamped with housework … Read More

3 Steps to Prepare Your House for Sale

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Editor’s note: Putting your home on the market is no small decision. And listing before you’re really ready can hurt your chances of selling your home for its full worth. This week we’re giving you a headstart on prime selling season  with plenty of tips and advice for preparing your home to hit the market ready for a successful sale. Planning … Read More

Landscaping Tips to Maximize Curb Appeal

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Other sellers in your area are dressing up the lawn with little flowerbeds and a good trim, but why settle? Follow these five tips to set your home apart from the competition. Get a competitive edge Many sellers know that a clean-cut edge can turn even the most mundane lawn into a manicured carpet of green. Set yourself apart and … Read More

10 Homes With Curb Appeal to Spare

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. While curb appeal is subjective, there’s a general consensus about what initially draws us to a potential new home: a well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing exterior. What do you want to see when you pull into the driveway after a long day of work? Whether it’s a dazzling lawn and a white picket fence, or a stone walkway … Read More

3 Tips for Enhancing Curb Appeal

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[youtube] Whether you’re polishing your home’s appearance to put it on the market or just making some cosmetic changes  for your own satisfaction, exterior improvements can have a big impact. As you gather inspiration for revving up your home’s curb appeal, keep in mind that low-cost updates and a little extra landscaping  can go a long way. Pretty soon you’ll have … Read More

Cosmetic Improvements for Crush-Worthy Curb Appeal

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Whether or not you plan to list your home this season , it’s a good idea to step outside and take a close look at the exterior . Chances are you’ve neglected it during the cold winter months, and it’s time to touch up the paint, update the patio furniture, and give your home a face lift. Here are five easy ways … Read More

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Boosters

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A polished home exterior makes for an inviting experience for any visitor or passersby, which is especially important if your home is on the market . All sellers should focus on exterior home improvements, says Tallahassee-based realtor Joe Manausa of Joe Manausa Real Estate . “Buyers are searching for homes online, and the exterior picture of your home will be the … Read More

Curb Appeal: What It Really Is, and Why It Matters

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Courtesy of Zillow Digs . Let’s face it, first impressions matter. We care about how we dress for a job interview, and we spent extra time in front of the mirror before that first date. When it comes to selling a home, first impressions matter, too. The term “curb appeal ” derives from real estate sales and home design. For … Read More

Before & After: Cottage Curb Appeal Makeover

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When a South Carolina couple moved into their new little cottage, it was in desperate need of some TLC. With very little budget, the couple put their DIY skills to the test and focused on a few key updates that would go a long way. First, they updated the home’s awkward window placement. They removed the window to the right of the … Read More

$200,000 Homes with Priceless Curb Appeal

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There’s something about the sight of a white picket fence that instantly reminds us of home. Maybe because it symbolizes the American Dream, visually affirming comfort, happiness and security. Curb appeal comes in many forms, with the white picket fence being just one example. Perhaps it’s the front porch you fancy, or a beautifully landscaped exterior. Whatever your taste, the 10 … Read More