Redfin Survey: Just 6% of Homebuyers Would Cancel Plans to Buy if Mortgage Rates Surpassed 5%

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A late-2017 Redfin-commissioned survey of more than 4,000 people who bought or sold a home last year, attempted to do so, or planned to do so soon revealed the following key findings related to the housing market and the economy: Only 6% of homebuyers said they would cancel their plans if mortgage rates surpassed 5%. The tax reform debate may … Read More

Facebook, Housing and Economic Opportunity

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What happens when thousands of good jobs suddenly appear in your neighborhood, but you don’t have the skills to get hired? It’s as if a UFO full of money landed in your backyard, but the cash is locked in another dimension. Now imagine the backyard is Menlo Park, California and the UFO is Facebook’s headquarters. Today, Facebook set aside $20 … Read More

Well, Here’s One Good Reason to Choose the University of Oregon Over the University of Washington

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The University of Washington and the University of Oregon are 288 miles away from each other, but their rivalry is fierce. The Huskies and the Ducks have a long history of duking it out each year in a variety of sports and competitions. But, the University of Oregon takes the cake in one major area–housing. Using Redfin’s “Draw Your Own … Read More

Think Getting a Mortgage is Hard? Try Financing Affordable Housing

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Financing affordable housing isn’t easy. Without subsidies, it’s almost impossible for developers to build homes that are affordable to low- or extremely low-income families. That’s because lenders loan money for housing development based on the property’s expected income. When rents are set to affordable levels, there’s a huge gap between what’s needed to build and the money lenders and investors … Read More

Making Housing Great Again: 4 Things Trump (or Clinton) Needs to Do

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Image via iStock/SteveLagreca The housing market, like an onion, has several layers. The outer layer we can see is the for-sale market. It’s healthy and vibrant, with housing activity at record highs and mortgage rates at rock-bottom lows. Peel into the onion and things look different. There aren’t enough affordable homes for buyers or renters. Homebuilding nosedived after the housing … Read More

Is Seattle Getting Richer or Poorer?

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Seattle is getting richer. New money, old news. And lately it’s been good news for a lot of Seattle families. From 2010 through 2014, the number of families earning $200,000 or more went up by 31 percent. But at the same time, the number of families with an income of less than $10,000 grew by 20 percent. And you can … Read More

Want to Help the Middle Class? More Houses, Please

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Housing is in short supply; even in 2015, a boom year, housing starts were only 1.1 million. America’s future is happening first here, in Seattle. Just this year, Seattle technology jobs increased 21 percent. Housing prices rose 12 percent. And all the people who built this city out of coffee, lumber and airplanes have struggled to keep up. Only a … Read More

Can Zoning Fix the Housing Market? A Top White House Economist says Maybe

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Last week, we released a great report on integrated neighborhoods. This week, Fannie and Freddie might expand their pool of borrowers by raising loan limits, we get the latest on home sales (which are ok but not great ). Oh, and the big award  you missed. (Hint: It has nothing to do with One Direction or Taylor Swift.) Zoning Fixes Everything Did … Read More

An Attorney, a Janitor and a Mail Carrier Walk into a Bar – Where Are They?

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Not all posh neighborhoods are exclusive. Sure, some are so upscale that the mail carrier is the only working-class person you’ll see. Others are wholly affordable. More rare is a third kind of place, where swanky homes share the curb with starter condos. We think these places are important because they bring people of different incomes closer together — as … Read More

The Unsexy San Francisco Housing Vote No One’s Talking About; Fannie and Freddie Buzz Is Back

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Last week, voters said yes to more affordable housing and people in D.C. started murmuring about bailouts again. This week, poverty and housing are on the congressional agenda, civil rights groups try to up the ante on fixing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the GOP candidates take their chances with reporters at Fox News. Also: Ants build cool stuff. … Read More