#18: Flipping, Marketing, and Wholesaling with Danny Johnson

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Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with fix and flipper Danny Johnson to talk about running a successful real estate investing business. Danny has been investing in real estate for the past decade and has hundreds of awesome, actionable tips that he shares with us in today’s show. From real estate marketing through websites and direct mail to … Read More

Inventory Crunch Begins to Ease with Largest Monthly Listings Increase Since 2010; Home Prices Up 16% Over Last Year

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The housing market across the nation was hot again in April. Yes, home prices are up. But the big story in this month’s report is that inventory posted its largest month-over-month increase in over three years. With more homes finally available to buy,This home sales posted their strongest March to April gain since 2009. The key metrics across 19 major … Read More

No BS. It Really IS a Great Time to Sell.

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If you’ve been following the real estate market lately, you probably know that we’re in what’s called a seller’s market. But how does that actually translate into an individual home seller’s experience? I just went through the process myself, and no BS, it really is a great time to sell. Low interest rates and increased consumer confidence in the economy … Read More

Collection of the Week: Bidding War Mania

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From police directing gridlocked open house traffic to 40 offers for one listing, many recent real estate transactions have been nail-biters. To help paint a picture of home demand, this week Redfin released a new Bidding War Report. Using statistics compiled from over 2,000 monthly Offer Insights written by Redfin agents, the report shows that seventy-three percent of offers faced … Read More

Redfin Bidding War Report Shows Early Signs of a Cooling Real Estate Market in Some Cities While Competition Intensifies in Others

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Welcome to Redfin’s latest in real estate analysis—the Bidding War Report. The data for this report are based on Redfin’s Offer Insights , statistics compiled from more than 2,000 offers written each month by Redfin agents for Redfin’s home-buying clients. In April, 73 percent of the offers Redfin agents wrote faced competition. That percentage, which peaked in February with 79 … Read More