Haylofts to Hardwoods: How One Family Salvaged a Historic Barn By Hand

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There’s a century of history woven into the floors of a contemporary home east of Seattle: golden planks, shiny blondes and the occasional knotted gray. It’s just how Amanda Gatlin wanted it – even if she didn’t expect, at first, it would involve recycling an entire Mississippi barn with pieces dating back to when Woodrow Wilson was president. “It was my … Read More

2017 Home Design Trends With Staying Power

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At the end of last year, our Zillow Digs design experts identified a handful of home decor trends we could expect to see in 2017, from jewel tones to built-in home bars . Now that we’re halfway through the year, we’ve asked top designers to share some of the other recent trends they believe have true staying power. Here are … Read More

Good Clean Fun: How to Build an Outdoor Shower

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Outdoor showers may seem like a luxury – something that only those with beach houses would need or be lucky enough to have. But if you have kids and pets that love to play in the yard, or if you’re an avid gardener, runner, or someone that enjoys the freedom of bathing in nature, you may consider an outdoor shower … Read More

The Latest Trend in Interior Design: Japandi

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Image via domain.com.au Have you ever wondered what would happen if you threw together equal doses of Japanese and Scandinavian design? Apparently, you’re not alone. One of the hottest trends making big waves in the home décor arena, Japandi is a handsome amalgamation of two geographically distant yet stylistically akin design formulas. From soul-deep passion for minimalism and nature to no-frills … Read More

How to Get a Mortgage Without a Full-Time, Permanent Job

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Image via iStock The growing number of gig economy workers in this country may have the freedom to work whenever they want, and sometimes from wherever they want, but when it comes to buying a home, all of that freedom has its price. It turns out employees who have many part-time jobs, hop from one short-term contract or project to … Read More

Designer Lookbook: Board & Vellum's Second Story Add-on

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Bigger isn’t always better. In the case of this West Seattle remodel, the owners were set against a large, looming addition that they feared would overwhelm surrounding homes. They turned to Seattle design firm Board & Vellum , where they found the solution to their need for extra space. In a surprisingly compact 740 square feet, their new addition incorporates … Read More

#232: The Four Lead Sources Nathan Brooks is Using to Flip 120 Houses a Year

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Why do some people struggle finding one single real estate deal, when others are finding dozens each month? What’s the secret to getting consistent leads? According to our guest today: it’s relationships, and specifically, there are four types of relationships that bring him over 100 deals a year. Today we’re excited to bring back Nathan Brooks and we dive deep … Read More