4 Homes With Jaw-Dropping Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

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When it comes to creating an indoor/outdoor feeling in your home, a set of floor-to-ceiling windows is the key ingredient to success. Along with being a visual connector to your surroundings, they bring in boatloads of natural light while providing a streamlined backdrop for your interiors. Take a look at our favorite homes of this week that feature expansive floor-to-ceiling … Read More

A Word of Thanks

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Coming into Redfin’s public offering, I’d concluded that we live in a post-truth society. Our society has sometimes relegated science to opinion, and unwelcome news as fake. When different people have access to different information, democracy operates like an inefficient market, with policy mistakes taking longer to correct. It may be that a few people on the right or left … Read More

Can Houseplants Really Clean the Air?

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Houseplants can improve your life in many ways (more on that later), but if you’re expecting that peace lily on your desk to rid your home of toxins, you’re in for a surprise. A 1989 NASA study  attempted to find new ways to clean the air in space stations. Despite some pretty neat findings, it never claimed houseplants are great … Read More

Design Pros' Secrets for Finding and Using Reclaimed Materials

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When you ask Seattle-based house flippers Lora Lindberg and Debbie Cederlind where to find the best home-restoration materials, they quickly reply in unison, “Craigslist.” Lindberg and Cederlind of Urban Squirrel Residential Restoration have been flipping houses and using reclaimed materials cleverly since 2010, when they purchased their first renovation house in Everett, WA. Debbie Cederlind (left) and Lora Lindberg (right), … Read More

With This DIY Sporting Goods Catch-all, Game Day Is No Sweat

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This project will help you organize your garage and become the LeBron James of DIY projects . With all your gear in the same place, you’ll always be prepared when someone yells, “Where’s my basketball?” (Or volleyball, hockey stick, tennis racket, etc.) See how it’s done, then follow the step-by-step instructions to build one of your own. 1. Find a bookcase Choose … Read More

When Even Technology Companies Can’t Afford Seattle Anymore

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We never thought it could happen to us. When Boeing announced in 2009 the opening of a new plant in South Carolina instead of Seattle , manufacturing was heading out of Seattle, but technology companies were flooding in: Google opened its first engineering office in 2004, followed by Facebook in 2010, Apple and Dropbox in 2014, Uber in 2015, and Airbnb … Read More

#243: “How I Built 7-Figures of Wealth on a Working-Class Salary” with Joe “JD” Martin

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Let’s be honest: not everyone is trying to buy hundreds or thousands of properties. In fact – just a small handful of incredible deals can help build impressive wealth AND great income. That’s the story you’ll hear today as we speak with Joe “JD” Martin, a real estate investor who’s building wealth while working his full-time job. As you’ll hear, … Read More