The Best and Worst Plants for People With Allergies

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There’s no better way to turn a house into a home than adding luscious plants and beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, people who suffer from allergies may struggle to find plants and flowers that won’t lead to a runny nose, burning eyes and uncontrollable sneezing. Which plants should allergy sufferers avoid? Which should they welcome into their homes? Here’s a look at … Read More

Movement Out of California Was the Most Influential Driver of U.S. Migration Patterns in Early 2017

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In an analysis of a sample of nearly one million users searching for homes across 75 metro areas in the first three months of 2017, we found that one in five (19.8%) searched mostly1 for homes outside their home metro2. Among them, about half searched exclusively in other metros. Three trends dominated the migration patterns seen in user … Read More

5 Tips to Declutter Your Closet in a Day

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I recently had a closet collapse. I came home from a day at the office to find heaps of once-neatly-hung, color-coordinated clothes in one giant, messy mound on the floor. Worse than picking up the pieces of chipped drywall? Admitting that maybe it was time to get rid of that favorite shirt of mine — from college. In the ’90s. … Read More

10 Spring Cleaning Projects to Tackle This Weekend 

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Spring cleaning is all about getting our homes ready for a new season of sunshine, warmth, and time outdoors – and indoors, too! Now’s the time to wipe off the grime, clear out the cobwebs, and get those living spaces ready for the year ahead. When you put together your spring cleaning checklist this year, consider adding the following tasks, … Read More

Designer Lookbook: Brooke Wagner Design's Beachfront Beauty

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Located in the beachfront neighborhood Corona del Mar Village in Newport Beach, CA , this contemporary three-story home takes inspiration from its seaside setting with a color palette of soothing neutrals and blues paired with natural finishes. Designed by Christopher Brandon with Brandon Architects and built by Patterson Custom Homes , the spec home was purchased early in the construction … Read More

#223: How to Become “Set for Life” Through House Hacking, Frugality, and Maximizing Your Income with Scott Trench

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A lot of people want to achieve financial freedom – but many who start the journey never arrive. So what’s the best way to truly set yourself up for success in achieving financial independence and wealth? That’s the topic of today’s show where we sit down with Scott Trench, author of “Set for Life” to discuss some of the simple, … Read More

4 Home Improvement Jobs You Should Always Hire Out

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Whether you’re flipping a house or renovating your current home, hiring private contractors is nearly unavoidable. If you’ve seen “Flip or Flop,” you know Tarek and I can’t do everything ourselves. We’ve built relationships with contractors we trust, and they do most of the heavy lifting. If you’re new to the flipping game , though, chances are you haven’t built … Read More

7 Stylish Ways to Hide Your Trash Cans

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Combining fashion and function is not always easy, especially when it comes to home design.  And controlling the appearance and odor of your trash can is a particularly tricky and ongoing challenge. Yet, there are plenty of clever ways to hide these necessary containers while keeping them accessible for daily tasks. Whether you’re working in a larger and more versatile … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Use a “Green” Moving Company

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Earth Day is just around the corner! Now is the time to get our green game on and get busy preserving our one and only beautiful earth. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it. Spring also brings the beginning of the busy moving season. Pair these two occasions together and we have the perfect opportunity to make greener pastures. … Read More

Water Bill Drowning You? Here Are 11 Ways to Lower It

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While utilities like internet and cable TV may seem like obvious targets, your water bill can also run much higher than necessary. Missing water bill payments could eventually hurt your credit. While most utilities don’t report on-time payments to the to credit bureaus, many will report accounts that go into default or collections, which will cause your scores to take … Read More