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Cincinnati investment properties

A private inventory of houses not on the open market.  No bidding wars, no waiting games.

Hard money loans

Private, investor-friendly financing based on the value of the house, not your credit score.


One-on-one guidance to keep your rehab on time and under budget.


A vendor list of over 200+ independent contractors offering volume pricing.


Our fully licensed agents can get your newly renovated property listed and sold.

Questions about Build Realty

Build Realty is turning the real estate industry on its head.  Here are some of the most common questions you’ve asked.

Selling your house with Build Realty is a snap.

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Whether you are an investor or a homeowner, Build Realty has a listing package to meet your needs and your budget.

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Why real estate investing?

As the housing market improves, many people are turning back to real estate investing as an alternative to the stock market, as a way to make extra money or just as a fun (and profitable) hobby.


The problem.

Real estate investors face multiple obstacles that keep them from being profitable.  It is common for many new investors to lose money on their first house and never buy again.  Issues that derail investors of all experience levels include:

  • no reliable source of properties with the right numbers
  • no access to rehab financing
  • have a hard time finding and managing contractors
  • getting stuck with a house they paid too much for – now the house is eating away at their savings

Don’t most people just call a real estate agent when they want to buy an investment property?

Most agents don’t have the knowledge, resources or incentives to work with real estate investors.  The business model of traditional real estate brokerages are built around homeowners purchasing houses in the retail price range – not around investors who need cheap houses that are hard to find and negotiate.

What about those real estate experts “as seen on TV”?

Many real estate investors spend big bucks on over-hyped real estate classes and schemes offered by “experts” who make all their money selling books and tapes and not by investing in real estate.

What does Build Realty do?

Build Realty is a fully licensed real estate brokerage that specializes in helping real estate investors start or grow their business.

We don’t sell books, tapes, classes or coaching.  We sell deeply discounted, distressed houses to real estate investors and then provide those investors with all of the resources they need to fix up and either resell or rent the house – at no additional cost.

Our free real estate investor services are designed for your long term success.

Every investor who buys a house from Build Realty receives:

  • one on one consultation from a trained Build Associate throughout the entire project
  • project planning to map out your entire rehab including scope of work and schedule
  • access to reliable contractors who offer investor-friendly pricing to get the job done right
  • financing for the purchase and renovation of the house (even if you have less than perfect credit)*
  • professional photos and MLS listing service when the property is completed**

Sounds good.  What are the next steps?

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